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Bad hair day? No hair day? No problem! The Twista Sista Pre-Sewn Head Scarf is here to save the day and add a pop of color when skies seem gray. This fabulous accessory is perfect for every occasion, whether you're lounging at home or stepping out in style.


Luxurious Quality - Crafted from luxurious peace twill silk, this headscarf twists quality, style, and ultimate comfort into one gorgeous accessory. The unique softness of the twill silk feels amazing, and the gentle sheen gives you that extra touch of glam.


Our girlfriends asked for something special—elastic-free, itch-free, and complication-free in bright, stylish colors that make them feel empowered and fashionably visible, especially during challenging times like treatment.


We took this heartfelt request to heart, and we’re proud to introduce the design that we crafted with love and care. The result? A pre-sewn headscarf that not only meets all these needs but has also become a beloved accessory among our friends going through treatment. They’ve loved it, and we know you will too!


Designed to help you stand tall and be seen, our headscarves celebrate strength and style in every stitch. Thank you for inspiring us to create something so meaningful. To the Sistahood - you know who you are - we love you and we are always here for you 💖

Twista Sista Pre-Sewn Head Scarf

  • 100% Peace Mulberry Silk Twill 16 Momme, 6A grade

    Size: OSFM (Up to 62cm head circumference)

    Due to the lustrous pigments of the peace twill silk, we recommend professional dry cleaning

    Ethically and sustainably sewn in Vietnam



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