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The Story Behind the
Collecting Moments Range

Perfect family right? On that day, in that photo and in that moment - absolutely! That was taken during Covid lock-down, only days after I had been stood down. Happy - I was the master at putting on a brave face and looking happy... hey I've got a brave face on right now typing this! I had some dark days though, teary days, days I questioned what life was all about - the day before and after this photo weren't perfect days, they were messy (sorry, not brave enough to show you those photos).


On one of these days, my Moments Jar caught my eye and made me smile. I didn't even need to open it, some of the stories came to mind (many of the ones written by the kids are flatulence related of course) - I smiled. There are so many varied memories in there and they simply make me proud and happy. It pulled me out of the dark space I was slipping into. 


I wished that my Moments Jar wasn't tucked away. Maybe if it was somewhere I could see it more, I could experience those heart hugs more often - and that right there was my ah-ha moment! Make it gorgeous and petite enough to be in a home and easily seen. Oh - and what if they they could be personalised to make them even more special?! 

With a formal education in Commerce Management/Marketing, a decade in fashion marketing (which was my dream job & feels like a lifetime ago) and the last decade or so focused on my husband's business and raising our family - my creative spark and energy was somewhat dormant. All I needed was for the conditions to be right and to make a wish and take the leap of faith (oh - and an abundance of hard work, research and more hard work. A good friend once said to me, women can have it all - just not all at once. For me, finding passion & purpose in my work beyond feeding and caring for the family is back and it feels so good!

For years I have made the more traditional memory jars - but nothing as chic as these ones. The objective was to put together a kit that has everything, even a card stand to make the jars look gorgeous and also easy to use. It was super important to us to source everything within Australia and to use as many small family businesses as possible along the way. No doubt you can find cheaper alternatives on the market but I can assure you that by investing in one of these gorgeous jars, that you are supporting many small businesses and we all say THANK YOU!

What was completely unexpected is how much my children loved watching me create and grow under the original brand Just Name It. Our daughter Preslee was truly inspired and asked every day when we could launch her Twista Sista Wire Headbands. We trialed them at one of the markets and they were a huge hit! So after more hard work (but also fun work), we decided to combine the products under the Twista Sista brand.

xo Nik

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