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  • I have never found a headband that fits me comfortably - so why does Twista Sista think their headbands are so special?
    Excellent question - so glad you asked! We too NEVER wore a comfy headband until Preslee made the Twista Sista Wire Headband with the flexible padded wire - that's the difference! No more headband headaches and say hello all day comfort!
  • Do the Twista Sista Wire Headbands really stay in?
    Great question! Yes they do - of course there are tricks to make them stay and we are all about helping a sista out so there are instructions on the packaging and helpful videos and demos on our website and social media pages.
  • Does the Twista Sista Team love what they do?
    We absolutely do! We have been able to combine two product ranges (Twista Sista Wire Headbands & Collecting Moments Kits) into a business. Two product ranges that we started at home for ourselves and then friends, then friends of friends and now to the public! Every day we are reminded of our passion and purpose and regardless of how 'busy' a day gets, we take a moment to be grateful to our wonderful customer base and to the support group around us that make it all possible. There is so much to remember on a daily schedule and remembering all the good times often doesn't make the list, it's a sad thought really. By you or your loved one having a Collecting Moments Kit, all they need to do is walk past it & it will make them smile and remember the good stuff. Sure there are other memory jars out there on the market, we never claimed to invent them but we are super proud to have reinvented them into a personalised and modern homeware decor showpiece. Sure there are other wire headbands out there too - we are just super proud of how comfy our Twista Sista ones are.
  • I am so excited to get my order - when will I get it?
    Please allow up to 5 working days before dispatch. If your order is for a particular celebratory date, please mention this in your comments and we will do everything we can with urgency. Australia Post is our preferred freight company and delivery time is not part of the above 5 days. All orders have tracking numbers.
  • Do you plan on introducing other products?
    Yes, from time to time we will add to our Twista Sista range.
  • How much is shipping?
    We offer free shipping within Australia for orders of 4 or more headbands (orders over AU$99) or we have a flat rate standard shipping price of $10 anywhere in Australia and an express post option of $15 within Australia.
  • This is for a gift - can you wrap it and add a card?
    We love sending gifts! In the comments section please ask for gift wrapping and a personalised card with the message - we will do this free of charge.
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