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The Story Behind the
Twista Sista Wire Headbands

Blessed with crazy, curly hair, Preslee started wearing hair bands at a very young age. It tamed her hairline frizzies and quickly became her look. Problem was, the metal arched ones always seemed to pinpoint a spot behind her ears that triggered a headache. Her friends with smooth, shiny, straight hair complained about the full circle elasticised ones always slipping off and the metal ones also being uncomfortable. Her mother spent a fortune over the year trying to find 'the perfect one'.

In Year 5 (and at the ripe old age of 10) Preslee had a Business Studies assignment where they needed to invent a product or improve an existing one in the market - she made it her mission to design a head band that was comfortable and looked great.

From that point Preslee became hooked and started dreaming of starting this as a real business. She was a normal 10 year old, playing sports and having play dates with friends but in her spare time she continued to sew and perfect the Twista Sista Hair Twists. Waking up to the hum of the sewing machine most mornings, her family realised that this was more than a fad - it was her passion.

Preslee attributes the comfort of her hair twists to the spongy foam encased wire used inside the hand picked quality fabric. 

"This took months to find, but I didn't give up and my Mum helped me finally find it - I was jumping up and down with excitement and awe that day!" remembers Preslee.

Whilst making hair twists for family and friends, Preslee continued to hound her parents about starting her business. After discovering information on fostering young entrepreneurs on a government website, paperwork was submitted for Preslee to obtain a tax file number.


Too young for social media, Preslee's mum built her website and ran her socials and they both spent Sunday mornings at local markets selling the headbands and a bookmark was placed in the story of the Collecting Moments Kits by Just Name It. Until they realised that one product range did not have to go on hold for the other and it made sense to combine the products under the one brand - they both favoured the Twista Sista Brand.

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